About us

Kirby Shepard
Senior and Founding Pastor

Kirby moved to Montana with his wife (Michaela), and two daughters (Brooklyn, and
Mary Ann), at God’s call to plant a church in Great Falls. Since moving to Montana, Michaela and Kirby have added their son Melchizedek to their family, and are eagerly expecting the arrival of another daughter (Lydia) in October of 2023.

Classically trained in Pastoral ministry by a number of good and godly men who helped shape his Christian character and biblical foundations, Kirby would later go on to receive a formal ministry education from Liberty University and later the Kings University.

Kirby has served in the United States Army since his graduation from High School where he was a Psychological Operations Soldier for nearly twelve years before leaving active duty. He now continues his serves in the Army Reserve as an Automated Logistics Specialist.

At God’s call, and by His provision, Pastor Kirby planted Embassy Church of Montana in Great Falls in May of 2023.


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